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We all love eating tangy foods and at the same time, we love to be healthy forever. In order to live healthy for a long time, it is important to eat oil-free foods. Preparing foods without using oil does not taste good. Additionally, it’s not healthy too. An air fryer is a great alternative to deep-frying using oil. Air fryer is the best kitchen appliance that can be used by busy people to deep-fry their foods instead of using oil. Read this quick review to know the top recommended air fryers available in this market today.

Recommended Products:

Different people have diverse priorities in choosing the best air fryer under $200. Hence, we’ve looked more than hundreds of air fryers and finally we suggest you the following air fryers will meet your needs and budget.

Philips HD9230/56 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology:

Philips is a world’s leader in delivering good quality air fryers and it is a certified product which works well for a long time. It comes with all original accessories that you need to cook your foods. Besides, it is packed with a 90-day warranty.


In order to adjust the temperature easily and effectively, it comes with touch screen interface which allows you to adjust the temperature up to 390 degrees. With the adjustable temperature, you can easily cook a wide range of foods from normal potato fries to juicy chicken wings. It does not use any oil to fry food so it is a healthy oil-free cooking.

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GoWISE USA Electric Programmable Turbo Air Fryer:

This is a well-designed electric programmable Turbo air fryer and it is available in a combination of green and white color which seems quite great. This air fryer is specifically designed to offer healthy oil-free cooking and it is constructed with a non-stick surface which makes cleaning easy. It features a sleek design which fits perfectly into your compact kitchen too.


With this Turbo air fryer, you can easily revitalize your leftovers too. The cooking capacity of this air fryer seems quite great so you can cook all kinds of dishes in an efficient manner.

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NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven with Stainless Steel Extender Ring:

NuWave presents you a wonderful air fryer to cook a wide range of foods without using oil. It comes with an excellent cooking capacity which allows you to cook up to 16 lbs turkey. The presence of the delay timer in this air fryer allows you to begin cooking at the time you want to start.


It comes with some pre-settings (Warm, Reheat, Delay) which allow for efficient cooking. It uses less than 75% energy to offer 70% faster cooking than the normal oven.

This provides infrared, conduction, and convection cooking too. The sleek design of this fryer fits into your compact home’s kitchen and the black color seems great.

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Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Low Fat Healthy NonStick Convenient no Oil-Smoke Rapid Air Fryer:

The Le Coucou presents you an energy efficient air fryer with the best quality at good price. The black color of this air fryer looks pretty good. This air fryer uses oil less fry technology to offer you healthy cooking. It is easy to operate as it comes with the digital control touch panel.


Besides, it also allows you to adjust the temperature settings so you can fry a wide range of foods. This is a dishwasher safe air fryer which is easy to clean.  It can be used for cooking a wide range of dishes without adding little amount of oil.

This air fryer comes with the 30 days trial period offer so you can return it if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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Gourmia GTA-1500 Digital Electric Air Fryer, Griller, and Roaster with Calorie Reducer Technology:

This great air fryer uses the latest calorie reducer technology to fry a wide range of foods. With the use of this air fryer, you can cook food which tastes tangy. This excellent air fryer can also be used as a grill, steamer, air sautés, convection oven, and so on.


With the use of this little and compact air fryer, you can cook food 60% faster than standard cooking methods.

It comes with a non-stick interior liner which is easy to clean and also can be removed easily for quick clean up.

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Cooklite Aerofryer – Convection Cooker, Airfryer and Oil-Less Fryer (4.6 Liters Capacity):

It is a most recommended air fryer which allows you to prepare crispy dishes without using oil. It is designed with the triple cooking power which allows you to cook your food with flavorful experience.


It also includes a free recipe book, mesh basket, and the aero extender ring. This is available in red color which enhances the look of your air fryer and it uses less energy to cook food.

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Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R Airfryer in Red:

This air fryer comes from the well-known brand and it uses the rapid air circulation technology to cook a wide range of your favorite foods without adding oil.  It also includes a detachable basket to transfer the food easily to the serving dish. The presence of an adjustable timer alerts you when the food is cooked.


If you buy this air fryer, you can get the recipe book, multi-use layer rack, and nonstick baking dish absolutely free.

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Air fryer is the best kitchen appliance that is widely used to cook fried foods without using oil. If you love to eat healthy fried foods, then it is best to use the air fryer. Eating foods that are cooked by using oil may lead to some health-related problems. So, it is best to cook foods by using an air fryer because it uses only hot air to cook food. It is great to cook food by using an air fryer so you can live a healthy life forever.

In these days, the air fryers come with great features so you can cook foods in a fast and efficient manner. Remember these top 7 air fryers while you’re looking to pick the one that meets your requirements and budget.

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